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Semblance Interconnect Cables by A.L.A

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Semblance Balanced Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio Australia 

"Neutral and free from colour & fatiguing artefacts that are often associated with Silver cables; highly resolving in nature, enabling accuracy of digital high resolution sources while maintaining all the warmth and musicality expected from analogue recordings 

Designed & made in Australia by A.L.A Audio. Built by hand from the ground up this triple balanced XLR interconnect strikes a perfect balance of musicality and tonal accuracy.

This is the perfect cable to try if curious about how pure-silver will sound in your system.   

Key Features:

Constructed from 3 x solid-core 20 guage highly annealed pure 4N silver conductors, no plating, dialectic coatings, glue or similar is used, all a cause of sonic brightness and colouring. 

The ultra low capacitance of 28 pF per metre was made possible by maximising use of Air as an electrical dialectic.

Aerospace-grade 3K conductive carbon shielding is employed to shield against interference, while pure cotton, Teflon and piezoelectric vibration damping secures against mechanical resonance vibrations. 

* Custom made to order, please allow 4-5 days for completion prior to dispatch.