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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver Speaker Cable

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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver Speaker Cable by A.L.A Audio

Made by A.L.A Audio Australia, meticulously crafted by hand from the ground up to suit your specific system requirements - 

  • Conductor material is Mono-Crystal lab-certified 99.999% Pure-Silver with one solid round and one flat ribbon conductor for hot and an additional flat ribbon on return 
  • Insulation consists of multiple layers of PTFE, cotton, foil and Aerospace grade 3K-carbon and Kapton®
  • Each conductor is positioned dead centre within PTFE Air tubes and secured in place ensuring mitigation of mechanical resonance while maximising air as an electrical dialectic with consistent electrical properties throughout the length of the cable

* You are purchasing ONE cable, select two cables for a stereo pair, if choosing two cables or two cables plus another set for bi-wire they will come tuned where each will share 'identical electrical properties' that meet our predetermined engineering tolerances, if purchasing one for centre speaker plus two for front speakers we will also tune accordingly 

Your cable will have 48 hours of pre-burn in on our Audiodharma Cable Cooker

+ 200 hours of total burn in is required with 50 of those hours undisturbed in your system. Detailed instructions for remainder of burn in will be provided

Additional time on cooker is available on request 

  • Trial these cables at home for 30 day, ask about our cable loan program 

* Custom made to order, please allow 6 business days to dispatch 

* For hard to drive speakers e.g <4ohm <86 db sensitivity with high power amplifiers please contact as these cables are built to order catering to your specific system requirements.