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YAQIN MS-2A3 14WPC Vacuum Tube HiFi Integrated Amplifier

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YAQIN MS-2A3 14WPC Vacuum Tube HiFi Integrated Amplifier

* Please contact us for availability on Yaquin products with some products experiencing manufacturing delays preventing us from replenishing our inventory

Classic single terminal Class A circuit equipped with the famous 2A3 tubes, this thing produces nothing but beautiful, gorgeous music.
Dynamic range, clarity and transparency, midrange to die for and highs that reach the sky.
It reveals the elegancy and refined timbre of the 2A3 Class A Single-Ended amplifier.
It has an ad hoc specialized 110V/220V power switch button.

(Some tube amplifiers and other specialised equipment may need to be made to order. If unsure about availability please contact us)

Technical Parameters:
Input Power: 10V-240V AVAILABLE
Output Power: 14W + 14W (8 ohm)
Valve / Tubes: 2A3 X 4, 12AX7 x 2, 12AU7 x 2
Frequency : 6Hz - 75KHz(-2dB)
SNR: >85dB (A)
Harmonic Distortion: <1.5%(1KHz)
Input Jack:: AUX 1, AUX 2, AUX 3, AUX 4
Dimenson: W 470mm, H 380mm, L 590mm
Input Sensitivity : <0.25V (1kHz)

Packing Include:
A YAQIN MS-2A3 unit
A Power cable
A Remote control
All Tubes, 1.5m Power Cord, Remote Control & Hex Key