29-Nov: Deliveries on schedule with Australia Post

SeptAray RCA Interconnect Cables

常规价格 $68.00

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

A well constructed RCA cable with 7 solid core silver plated copper conductors each within ETFE tubes. Designed in a series Aray around a Holo tube.  

Gold plated locking RCA plugs are of good quality.

This OEM cable looked great so I got a bunch and tested them. I hooked them up to our diagnostic equipment and tested for resistance and capacitance and was pleasantly surprised to find each pair was closely tuned. With each cable falling within an average 74pF/m @ 25c 0.12ohm/m.p

Listening observations:

- clear imaging 

- black background 

- airy soundstage

- cymbals are crisp with natural decay

- vocals are enticing with natural sound

- bass is tight and punchy 

- presence of micro details without fatigue

- minimal bass bloom in mid/sub region

Naturally I bought a bunch more of them.. and at this price you cant go wrong!