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Short Balanced High-End Grade XLR Cable (Pair) - 20cm

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Perfect for Desktop stacks.

Made with Pure-copper quad core cable conductors from Japan, terminated with silver plated contact NUTRIK XLR connectors. 

Presents a warm, neutral sound.

  • Wire length: 20cm(excluding plug)
  • Number of conductors: 2pcs;
  • Standard cable diameter: 6mm+0.15
  • Conductor cross-sectional area: 0.30mm/23AWG
  • Diameter of conductor copper wire: 0.08mm
  • Core DC Resistance: 6.40/100m
  • Shielded DC Resistance: 3.10/100m
  • Conductor insulation layer: XLPE polyethylene
  • Shielding material: 80*0.1mm braided copper wire
  • Shell material: soft PVC/neoprene