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Shanling M6 Pro 21 MQA Network Streamer Portable DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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  • Fully balanced amp circuit, new OP+BUF audio architecture.
  • Equipped with two ES9068AS flagship DAC chips that support MQA hard-decoding. Equipped with an ultra-low-noise LDO linear stabilized power supply, the vocal density is large and the sense of transparency is full, and the characteristics of fresh and natural sound are brought into full play.
  • The low-pass filter is newly upgraded to the OPA2211 dual-channel operational amplifier of TI. It uses a completely independent circuit system to minimize crosstalk and achieve ultra-low noise, low power consumption, and high bandwidth and other audio performance.
  • The operational amplifier adopts the ADA4610-2 dual-channel, JFET operational amplifier of American ADI Company. Features such as low noise, low distortion, high output current, and excellent speed make it a good choice for audio applications.
  • The driving amplifier circuit uses the BUF634A high-speed buffer from TI, which can increase the output current of M6 Pro (21) and provide capacitive load driving capability.
  • Self-developed FPGA coding technology: Self-adaptive clock sampling algorithm with independent intellectual property rights can provide more accurate clock signals, high-standard sampling rate PCM data output and DSD decoding.
  • Different from the soft solution MQA which needs to consume more CPU resources and memory, the DAC of M6 Pro (21) supports native hard solution MQA, and with the CPU, it can expand 16 times the full-channel digital signals from local, streaming media, USB Audio, etc.! Three Kind of filtering new dynamic EQ.


1. Output power
Low gain: 0.79V@32 Ohm (20mW)
Medium gain: 1.38V@32 Ohm (60mW)
High gain: 2.76V@32 Ohm (240mW)
2. Frequency response: 20Hz-40KHz (0.5dB)
3. THD+N: 0.0005%
4. Separation: 75dB@32 Ohm
5. Dynamic range: 125dB
6. Signal to noise ratio: 124dB
7. Noise floor: >113dB(1.5uV)
8. Output impedance: 0.3 Ohm

BAL output:
1. Output power
Low gain: 1.38V@32 Ohm (60mW)
Medium gain: 2.76@32 Ohm (240mW)
High gain: 4.93V@32 Ohm (760mW)
2. Frequency response: 20Hz-40KHz (-0.5dB)
3. THD+N: 0.0005%
4. Separation: 110dB@32 Ohm
5. Dynamic range: 124dB
6. Signal to noise ratio: 126dB
7. Noise floor: >112dB(1.9uV)
8. Output impedance: 0.6 Ohm