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Sennheiser HD 700 / 4-Pin XLR Upgrade Headphone Cable by A.L.A.

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Will an upgrade to a balanced cable really make a big difference in the sound coming from your headphones. Technical improvements of balanced-drive are the doubling of the amplifier slew rate and voltage swing (resulting in excellent dynamic quickness), plus a major reduction in THD and line crosstalk noise due to elimination of the common ground plane, but all that aside, can you actually hear these improvement's you are asking, the answer is yes! you certainly can! the micro details and precision imaging in some of todays high resolution modern records is an absolutely surreal experience to listen to. 

The HD700 4 pin XLR balanced cable has two 2.5mm mono L/R earcup connections, we use premium Ultra Pure OCC Copper Shielded Cable, Fitted with Rhodium plated Furutech fittings, Cardas silver solder is used with a nitrogen assisted solder process.

* Braided color is optional, please let us know what color you would like in the notes upon purchase.