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Rhodium Plated Pure-Copper RCA plugs by A.L.A Audio

常规价格 $24.90

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Rhodium Plated Pure-Copper RCA plugs - DIY

Sound quality is superior to inferior RCA plugs on market that are made from multiple pieces or brass a poor conductor of electricity

  • Body is made from One-piece of solid 99.99% Pure-Copper

  • Holo Centre Pin is made from Pure-Red Copper 102% IAC Rating

  • Rhodium plating (directly-plated) without normal sound-damaging intermediary layer

  • Locking design for better contact with RCA terminal  

  • Teflon dielectric 

  • Solder free, superior cold-weld design, easy to assemble with two screw nuts

  • Run conductor right to tip of Holo centre pin making it perfect for 75ohm applications

    Pricing is for one RCA plug