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Red-Series Pure-Silver USB Cable by A.L.A

常规价格 $290.00

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Made to strict USB 2.0 specifications using 28 AWG pure 4N 99.99% pure- silver conductors in PTFE rated to 90 ohms impedance value. Power 5v + is seperated to maintain impedance and reduce interference.

We can disconnect and / or terminate 5v + on request if you want to run a separate isolated power supply such as a battery pack or linear transformer. 

Addition of this cable to our reference system using a linear powered computer with star grounding running into a external DAC dramatically increased soundstage when comparing against a standard cable and a Shunyata venom cable.

In addition improvments in tonal accuracy, transient attack, decay and timing were observed.