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24th.Bit High-performance OFE 101 Copper Speaker Cable

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24th.Bit Copper Speaker Cable by A.L.A Audio

Warmth, detail and sweetness in mid-bass that are characteristics of high purity Cryo treated OFE 101, officially the highest grade of copper available with a written certification of purity at 102% IACS.

Fitted with pure-copper plugs that offer a significant performance increase over the brass fittings used by most other brands enabling these cables to punch well beyond their price point.

Price is per individual cable, spade or banana optional please include preference in checkout notes.

Conductor High purity OFE 101 copper - 52 strand 
Insulation PE
Configuration Twisted pair x 2
Shielding Polyethylene outer jacket
AWG 12
Diameter 2 x 8.5mm