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NiCU ™ Audiophile Power Cable

常规价格 $279.00

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NiCU ™ Audiophile Power Cable

Don't be fooled their size and unshielded form, this cable is besting power cables 6 + times it's price.

Loan one today and see for yourself! 

Made from 3 x 2.5mm Meteoric-Nickel plated high-purity stranded Copper conductors in PTFE Teflon with additional PTFE Teflon outter jacket  arranged in a twisted trio formation.

We had best results when running from wall to balanced transformer used for amps and even better results running another two cables to each amp.

Tested on several different system configurations with tubes, SS and hypex based amps preforming just as well in all cases. 

Ask today about our loan program, you won't be disappointed. 

One length at 1.8m is available as this provided optimal sound quality.

Option 1: Furutech FI-11 rhodium plated IEC and AU Mains Plug (as per image) 

Option 2: Clipsal gold plated IEC and Mains Plug