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Neotech NEMOI-3220 Balanced XLR Interconnect Cable (Tuned Pair)

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Neotech NEMOI-3220 Balanced XLR Interconnect Cable (Tuned Pair) by A.L.A Audio 

If you are looking for a high-resolution cable that maintains the forgiving warmth associated with copper the Neotech NEMOI 3220 may correspond to this expectation.

The result is surprising mixing with the listening qualities often contradictory like seated in the grave and readable, natural sound scene with a High Definition in the medium without auditory fatigue.


  • XLR plugs by A.L.A Audio made from 99.99% Pure-copper (including pins) with silver plating 
  • Mundorf MSolder SUPREME SilverGold is used with nitrogen assisted solder process
  • All solder points are Furutech Nano Liquid contact enhancement treated (Gold and Silver) to prevent oxidation and improve sound quality 
  • Conductor consists of two flat solid conductors of rectangular cross-section Conductor cross-section: 2×0.33 mm² Conductor material: ultra-pure monocrystalline copper UP-OCC 7N (99.99999%) Shielding: copper-mylar film and copper braid Insulation material: Teflon PTFE, PE polyethylene, conductive PVC and cotton filler Outer sheath: polyethylene PE and PVC PVC

• Resistance: 0.056 ohms / m

• Capacity: 42.07 pF / m

• Inductance: 0.847 μH / m

• Outer diameter: 10.0 mm

• Black color