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NEOTECH NECE-3001 UP-OCC DIY Litz Copper Cable for IEM Ø3mm Black

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Neotech NECE-3001 is an IEM cable with 4 Litz UP-OCC copper conductors, PVC insulation and black Nylon sheath.

Litz wire is a conductor in which each strand is electrically insulated by a polyurethane coating. This reduces the impact of the skin effect, i. e. a current that only flows on the surface of the high-frequency conductor, as well as the proximity effect that increases resistivity. Such a design is particularly suitable for audio use as it improves conductivity and limits cable resistivity, resulting in excellent audio reproduction.

Note: To achieve a good weld on this type of cable it is preferable to remove the coating with a welding flux.

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Technical characteristics

Product type IEM Cable
Conductors number 4
Conductors material UP-OCC Copper, Litz wire
External diameter 3mm
Conductors diameter with insulation 0.9mm
Copper conductor diameter 0.6mm
Insulation material PVC
External sheath Braided Nylon
Color Black

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