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Moondrop KXXS Flagship Edition Carbon Dynamic in-Ear Earphone

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Moondrop KXXS Flagship Edition Diamond-Like-Carbon Dynamic in-Ear Earphone with Detachable Cable

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Frequency response range: 10-80000HZ
Effective frequency response: 20-20000HZ (IEC60318-4)
Type: interchangeable, ear-wound, in-ear headphones
Impedance: 32Ω (@1KHZ)
Sensitivity: 110dB (@1KHZ)
Quality control range: ±1dB
Diaphragm material: Diamond-Like-Carbon & PEEK
Coil: φ0.035mm-CCAW (Daikoku)
Cavity: Zinc-aluminum alloy, die-casting-carving-polishing-plating
Transducer: φ10mm electric transducer
Standard wiring material: Litz silver plated 4N-OFC with 0.78-2Pin pin With 3.5mm plug