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New from moondrop these IEM look amazing with exceptional clarity and neutral sound 

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KATO optimized the structure and volume of ULT dynamic driver and acoustic cavity through FEA finite element simulation combined with repeated experimental verification, so as to achieve unparalleled linear distortion performance. It displays outstanding in both amplitude-frequency response and phase-frequency response, so that timbre and soundstage get better restored. We developed brand-new Spring Tips silicone ear tips for further optimizing the timbre of KATO, which not only improve the wearing comfort and prevent the sound leakage, but also inhibit the weak resonance of the sound outlet of the ear tips, improving the high-frequency linearity and bringing a more natural timbre.

KATO is adopted with a new independently developed 10mm ULT (Ultra-Linear-Technology) super-linear dynamic driver, which has been developed for two years. It includes a more efficient composite magnetic circuit with internal and external magnets and a more linear air circulation structure, as well as a larger brass internal acoustic cavity, a lighter extra-fine imported CCAW sound coil and a high-frequency phase waveguide.

It shows excellent dynamic and abundant details, and has amazing performance in both nonlinear distortion and linear distortion through FEA finite element simulation integrated with repeated experimental verification, combining multiple technologies.

The ULT superlinear unit of KATO is also equipped with a self-designed high-performance DLC composite diaphragm, which utilizes three materials with different characteristics including DLC to form different parts of the diaphragm. DLC features high rigidity, high damping coefficient, and lightweight, as well as its comprehensive acoustic performance even exceeds that of beryllium.

KATO adopts a replaceable sound nozzle design, which can be easily replaced by a quick-release structure with screw thread, and comes with sound nozzles made of two different materials (steel and brass). Users can not only experience the sound changes for different materials by replacing the nozzle, but also replace the blocked sound nozzle more conveniently.