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Line Magnetic LM-805iA Integrated Amplifier

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LM-845 Premium Integrated Amplifier

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The LM-845 Premium is the result of many years of research on the 845 triode single ended design. Thanks to its exceptional design and manufacturing quality, it is fast becoming the absolute reference in the high end amplifiers world.

With a power output of 2x30W, it can be used with most existing reference speakers.

The LM-845 Premium is a combination of two units. One is the amplification unit and the other houses the high quality output transformers. The LM-845 Premium uses Shuguang 300B tubes as drivers, the 310A and Shuguang 12AX7 in pre-amplification.

There are two user bias controls for the 300B and 845 valves. Bias adjustment is made easy with two meters on the front plate to allow you to monitor bias and make adjustments. A negative feedback switch is on the front plate so you can choose between two levels of NFB to enjoy the different styles of sound output.

The LM-845 Premium uses 8 transformers for power supply, filtering, coupling and output.

Some Highlights
– Single-ended design
– Class A amplifier
– Point-to-point wiring
– High quality components

Tubes used in this amplifier
Input stage: 2x 12AX7, 2x 310A
Drivers: 2x 300B
Power stage: 2x 845

Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring
SoftStart and time-delay circuit – 30 seconds
Specially designed EI transformer for power supply
Two EI output transformers with wide bandwidth
ALPS volume control and Realcap capacitors

Metal and removable tube guard cage

Infrared Remote control