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Quantum Silver Digital Coaxial Cable

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This high end Pure Silver Plated Digital Coaxial Cable is for use in with high performance video or coaxial digital equipment.

24 AWG solid OFC core coated with high purity Silver - provides superior transmission with high frequency “Skin Effect. Nitrogen injected PE dielectric and 100% screen double shielding for enhanced signal integrity
Pearl PVC high tensile outer jacket 5 mm Provides excellent pull strength and durability without compromising flexibility.

High quality 75 ohm plug.

Conductors are 24 AWG 1/0.50 mm Silver Plated OFC 

Dielectric - natural colour Shield 100% double shield by way of;
Mylar coated Al-foil wrap + 16x7/0.12mm TC braid

Outer Jacket 7 mm Diameter colour coded high tensile pearl FEP Conductor

Resistance 0.090 ohms/m @20 C

Capacitance 59.63 pF/m @ 1 kHz

Inductance 0.391 uH/m @ 1kHz

Nominal Impedance 75 ohm