Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver RCA Interconnect Cables

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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver RCA Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio.

Performance Beyond Copper.

Hand crafted in Australia from the ground up from 4x pure-silver conductors, fitted with Silver Link ™ pure-silver, low mass RCA plugs by ETI Research.

The ultra low capacitance measured at 10.5 pF per metre was made possible by using an advanced Aerospace Grade EMI/RFI active shield by TECHFLEX to protect 2 x 24 and 2 x 26 gauge solid core 99.998% UPOCC pure-silver conductors. 

Each silver conductor is placed through several metal treatment and polishing processes to ensure surface is free from imperfections before being placed into individual oversize PTFE Teflon® dialectic tubes, foamed PE is injected to 3 key sections to keep conductors dead centre, maximizing air dialectic and securing for vibration and resonance control. The conductors are then arranged in a litz type formation with absolute precision so electrical properties in each cable have identical values as well as further managing rejection of noise interference.

The result is an RCA cable with bass incisive and free of bloat and dullness, the treble is delicately articulated with space and air without glare, an ability to draw out details that were previously unheard of and presenting it with incredible clarity,  multi-dimensional soundstage and superior accuracy of micro dynamics and harmonic music information. 


* Each cable pair comes fully burned in on our Audiodarma Cable Cooker for immediate performance improvement results. 

  • 30 Day, Risk-Free Trial
    Try the Ethereal series interconnects or speaker cables at home for 30 days. Make a full evaluation in your own system, at your own convenience. If you're not completely satisfied with the improvement, return them in their original condition for a full refund.

* We use the highest purity silver at 5 nines = 99.998% silver in these interconnects, this is manufactured in Taiwan, the only country that has the manufacturing capabilities to produce OCC silver and copper. This purity level is very hard to reach thus making the silver very expensive. 

There are many companies who will claim their silver is 6 nines or 7 nines, this is absolute nonsense and if in doubt ask them for a recent copy of their Assay report with their company details and date. (We provide you a copy) 

The sound quality difference is major when comparing silver that is 3 nines 99.9% with silver that is 4 nines 99.99%. At 4 nines harshness and brightness completely disappears, in fact we have found only slight improvement's in 5 nines purity vs 4 nines.