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Ethereal ™ Reference Pure-Silver Mains Power Cable

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Ethereal ™ Reference Pure-Silver Power Cable by A.L.A Audio Research  

"Each time, when placed first in power cable chain a veil no-one knew existed was removed, significantly aiding clarity, tonal accuracy; extending decays & creating an airiness that remained present, regardless of other power cables in the chain" 

Material Specification -

  • Conductors made of 99.999% Pure Mono-Crystal Silver Lab-certified, USA Origin 
  • Each alternating conductor has a total surface area equivalent to 3.97mm2
  • 2 x Ribbon and 2 x Solid Round Ag wires per conductor arranged in a low inductance formation 
  • The ground conductor is made from 0.04mmx1500 copper silk wrapped litz wires creating an ultra low impedance path to ground effectively shunting noise

Construction & Design

Designed and built in Australia,  meticulously constructed by hand from ground up, a process requiring long hours. The best possible materials have been used including lab-grade PTFE Teflon™ chosen due to tighter manufacturing tolerances'; 'the  relationship between the dialectic and power cable performance is critical to achieving the most accurate tonal quality'

A High-speed design approach with advanced shielding was selected due to cables intended position running from AC wall outlet to power distribution or direct to power amplifiers 

Each conductor is individually shielded, with ribbon conductors chosen effective in achieving lowest inductance while also providing low capacitance largely aiding in performance with faster transients and attack, increased clarity and linearity in dynamics. As Velocity of Propagation' is inevitable to further combat unwanted frequencies emitting 'from; to and within the cable', 3 stage shielding has been used
  • Copper & aluminium foil over 150 drain wires 'each conductor
  • Tinned copper mesh shielding 'each conductor
  • 'Aerospace grade 3K conductive carbon over entire cable
  • (Optional DBS Dielectric Bias System, please call to discuss)
By using a specially created metal treatment on conductors surface to reduce unwanted skin effect frequencies propagating to surface and by positioning conductors secured dead centre within air tubes, eddy currents & mechanical resonance are kept minimal, air is maximised as a dialectic and contact is reduced with dialectic matter offering higher tonal accuracy with zero coloration'

Nano treatment is applied to each point of contact to increase electric conduction area, debase impedance and prevent oxidation

Two choices of Power Plugs are available:

1. FURUTECH FI-50 C13/C14 IEC and matching AU approved 3-Pin Power Connector  

2. A.L.A Audio Gold C13/C14 IEC and matching AU approved 3-Pin Power Connector  (Gold Plated 100% Pure Copper Cryo treated terminals, piezoelectric treated aluminium case)

Built to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3112:2000 and AS/NZS 3112:2004 

Available for a 30 day no-obligation loan, demo at home in your own system

 * Cable is made to order and may require approximately 5 days to build and test