Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver/Gold Ribbon RCA Interconnect Cables

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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver/Gold Ribbon RCA Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio

Performance Beyond Copper.

Hand crafted in Australia from the ground up from pure-silver / pure-gold ribbon conductors fitted with A.L.A Audio rhodium-plated copper, low-mass/holo-pin RCA plugs.

"The addition of a 24k pure-gold ribbon conductor to the positive leg and 2 x pure-silver ribbon conductors to ground displayed less grain and a more fluid and analog sound in several of the systems they were tested in.. sounding best in neutral to warmer systems with smooth jazz and female vocals due to their punchy bass, slightly warmer timbre and more life-like tonal characteristics. 


* All the metal used in the Ethereal series by A.L.A Audio is manufactured in the USA, to 99.99% (or higher) purity and is dead soft annealed. A laboratory Assay purity report for each batch is provided with purchase of cable. 

* On arrival each metal conductor is subjected to several conditioning stages:

1. Directionality - Determined by repeated blind listening tests "Although sometimes its just an excuse to listen to music ; ) "  by myself and several trusted others. Directionality is maintained throughout build process with return lines on balanced cables correctly reversed. 

2. Conductor geometry, length and symmetry - resulting in a (Tuned Pair). Great care and attention is paid to ensure each pair exabits identical electrical value's.

3. Conductor surface - Preparation with several types of chemical and polishing treatments with end result being a close to perfect surface free from any contaminates (Very important in Digital cables especially USB) 

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