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Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver XLR Balanced Interconnect Cable (Tuned Pair)

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Ethereal ™ Pure Silver XLR Balanced Interconnect (Tuned Pair) by A.L.A Audio

Performance Beyond Copper

(Revised 2021 version)

Ethereal series are designed and hand built in Australia, specifically for use with the latest ultra high-resolution digital analog converters, enabling your system to reproduce every level of detail, bringing you closer to realism.

The Solid-Core Silver Conductors used in these cables is of the highest quality and purity, manufactured in New-Jersey USA, Assay Lab Certified 99.999% Pure mono-crystaline Silver.

" But Isn't silver bright?

Silver cables have a misplaced reputation for being bright. In all cases this is a result of either: Low-grade silver, insufficient conductor geometry, or silver-plated copper, its also common in cables that have not fully burned in. 

By using genuine high purity silver, optimal conductor geometry and correctly burning cables in with our Audio-darma cable cooker, no sacrifice in bass, harshness, glare or fatiguing artefacts associated with lower purity silver are present.

In fact these cables are incredibly resolving, with a remarkably neutral tonal accuracy. They harness the ability to reproduce the sub-sonic frequencies that create the space and air you would feel during a live performance.

But don't take my word for it, contact to arrange a 30 day obligation free loan program and try these cables at home in your system to find out for yourself.  


-  A Certificate of Authenticity and Assay lab report, verifying silver used in these cables is of USA origin and 99.999% pure, Is supplied with purchase -