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MOGAMI 2549 Balanced Interconnect XLR Cable (Tuned Pair)

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Mogami W2549 Neglex Balanced XLR Cable Tuned Pair 

This High-End Grade XLR cable is made in Australia by Audiophile Store using Reference Standard NEGLEX 4N Purity Copper in a Twisted Pair Design

NEGLEX 2549 has become popular around the world as the standard for high quality digital and analog applications. 

This cable will not roll of high frequencies due to its low capacitance, has a neutral sound and presents a wide soundstage.

  • 99.99% pure oxygen free copper
  • NEUTRIK silver plated pin XLR plugs (Red & White)
  • Conductor insulation is XLPE ( Cross-Linked Polyethylene) which has excellent electrical characteristics
  • Served (spiral) Bare Copper Shield is superior to foil or braided shields for sound quality
  • Mundorf MSolder SUPREME Silver-Gold is used with nitrogen assisted solder process
  • All solder points are Furutech Nano Liquid contact enhancement treated (Gold and Silver) to prevent oxidation and improve sound quality 

* Each cable pair is tuned making them ideal for high-end stereo applications 

Custom build to order and may take 1-3 days to build and test prior to dispatch, color may vary slightly from time to time without notice. 

 Mogami W2549 Neglex-Type Balanced Microphone Bulk Cable (Black, 164' Roll)