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Pure-Silver Galaxy Power Cable by A.L.A

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Pure-Silver Galaxy Australian Power Cable by A.L.A Audio 

Made in Australia from ground up using solid core 99.999% pure-silver mono crystal conductors.

Suitable for applications up to 10 amps /  2300w 

A two stage advanced shielding system is applied to prevent EMI interference from reaching harmful levels:

1. Aerospace grade 3K conductive carbon sleeving shields entire cable 

2. Low inductance conductor arrangement is applied, highly tuned for maximum EMI rejection without sacrificing clarity

Each conductor is surface treated before being positioned dead centre within an oversize extruded Teflon air tube and secured against mechanical resonance, this critical design advancement achieves minimal conductor contact with dialectic matter and maximises air dialectic resulting in significant improvement's in clarity, speed and tonal realism, 'zero coloration'.

Terminated with A.L.A Audio C13-C15 IEC and Australian approved 3-Pin Power Connector both made from Gold Plated 100% Pure Copper (not brass alloy) and have piezoelectric treatment converting vibrations to electrical current, which is then dissipated as heat.

Built to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3112:2000 and AS/NZS 3112:2004. 

Available to demo free with no obligation for up to 30 days in your own system

* From March 2021 5N Mono-Crystal Silver is used for all our cables, manufactured by an industry leader in USA to our specifications, lab certified 99.999% pure

* Each cable is made to order and will require approximately 5 days to build and test.