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Autumn ™ Audiophile Power-Cord by A.L.A

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Autumn ™ Audiophile Power-Cord by A.L.A

Designed and built to order in Australia 100% hand made from ground up.

Listening notes:

'Warm, detailed and lush in mids, slightly warm tonal character, like a sunny Autumn day. Would suit brighter systems, sounding best paired with power amplifiers'


Live and Neutral are 4mm stranded Cryo-treated PC-OCC conductors in PE with Air dialect, natural unbleached cotton secures in place against vibrations effectively midigating effects of mechanical resonance.

Conductors are assembled in low inductance Litz formation with a 230x38awg litz copper earth wire spiralled around outside of cable further reducing inductance while still keeping capacitance reasonable low and shunting noise to ground.