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Abysm™ 4N Niobium RCA Interconnect Cables

常规价格 $975.00

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Abysm ™ 4N Niobium Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio Technology 

Designed and hand built from ground up in Melbourne Australia

  • Nb1 Niobium wire 0.8mm (20 gauge) 99.99% pure Nb wire annealed smooth 
  • Twisted pair 
  • Proprietary advanced dialectic materials 
  • 3k Carbon shielding 
  •  Piezoelectric composite dampening materials "resonance vibration control" 
  • Cold-weld Rhodium plated 100% Copper RCA plugs

2 pair left as of Jan 6th and are currently available for 30 day demonstration. Contact me if interested.