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4-pin-XLR / 4.4mm to 4-Pin XLR / 6.3mm / 4.4mm Headphone Adaptor by A.L.A Audio

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Headphone Adaptor by A.L A Audio 

Convert (4-pin-XLR / 4.4mm / 2.5mm) in to (4-Pin XLR / 6.3mm / 4.4mm) out with a high-performance Headphone Adaptor by A.L.A Audio.

Meticulously built by hand from the highest quality materials such as Neutrik/Furutech/A.L.A connectors,  varistrand PC-OCC Copper, Professional Silver Soldering.

Each unit undergoes advanced diagnostic testing and is made in Australia with focus on ensuring the highest performance, without signal degradation commonly found with most adaptors that use cheap thin wiring, poor quality solder, nickle platings (a leading cause of noise) and made on production lines where even the highest quality standards from top brands test only 1 in 100 units. 

* Built to order, please allow 5 days to dispatch.