29-Nov: Deliveries on schedule with Australia Post

1981 USSR Litz Interconnect Cables by A.L.A Audio

常规价格 $399.00

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

All Litz wires USSR era were made out of copper with a very high level of purity.

This wire is from a recently decommissioned military warehouse and we imported it from Russia. 

Date of manufacture year 1981. 

This particular litz batch and style is very good for sound based on numerous feedback from the Audiophile community. 

  • Litz wire 49x0.2mm
  • Pure-Silk wrapped (not polyester)
  • Total wire diameter 2.1mm
  • Resistance (DC) 0,0121 Ohm/m
  • Capacitance 22 pF/m 
  • Weight 15.25 kg/km
  • Braided purist design approach
  • Cold weld terminated with ETI research Nexus XLR Connectors 

*Please enquire about speaker cables we make from this wire that sound fantastic! 

*We also have 1000m of 1960s version of this wire arriving soon in a smaller gauge, please contact if interested.