XLR & RCA Interconnect Cables

RCA, XLR High end Audiophile Audio Cables Australia.

There are growing numbers of mid-price components appearing with XLR outputs and inputs and many of these players are using the latest hi-resolution chip-sets.

The level of detail these players reveal is astonishing, compared to just a few years ago and our A.L.A range have been specifically designed to allow you to hear this. Its a good bet that as the cost of equipment rises, XLR outputs will become more relevant.

If you have RCA and XLR options available on your new latest DAC you should try both at first. You may well find that the RCA outputs are the more musically involving choice. Pick a piece of music that’s special to you and listen. You’ll find it easy to hear whether it’s the XLR or the RCA connections that move you more.