Zircon2 ™ Solid-Core Silver RCA Cables by A.L.A.

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The Zircon2 RCA cable Pair are designed and manufactured in Australia. Each conductor is 18 AWG solid core 99.99% Pure-Silver housed within a oversized PTFE Teflon jacket a twisted pair design is very effective at EMI/RFI rejection, use of oversized conductors has resulted in superior electrical dialectic with ultra low capacitance 

Each conductor has been machine polished to a perfect surface with no imperfections, oils or contaminates that may affect signal integrity. 

Genuine Cardas RCA fittings were chosen due to their low resistance and Silver plating (Metal to Metal suitability) as well as locking screw, ensuring a strong connection with input terminal.

This proven design principal, blend of superior materials, quality craftsmanship with diagnostic testing has resulted in a cable with perfect conductivity and ultra low capacitance for rich, detailed, accurate reproduction. 

  • Capacitance  < 12.3 pF/m @ 25C
  • Resistance < 0.09 ohm/m

Implementation of this cable with suitable equipment (Compared with a standard quality copper RCA cable) will increase music presence air, timbre precision, sound image and an extremely rich reproduction.

Designed & Manufactured in Australia by A.L.A. Audio. 

* Care is taken to ensure each pair is perfect and 100% identical, each cable pair is tuned with diagnostics report available on request.