Zircon ™ Solid Core Pure 5N Silver Speaker Cables by A.L.A.

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No cost was spaired in creating these cables, using the best material's available: PTFE Teflon insulation, Advanced Noise reduction (NR) braiding, Wireworld Pure Silver Spades, 5N Silver 16 Gauge Solid core Audio grade conductors milled to perfect surface and machine polished.

  •  Conductors: 16 Guage 99.999% 5N Solid Core Pure Silver Soft Annealed Ag imported from USA (Purity Certification is provided) 
  • Insulation: Oversize sealed Teflon tubes, conductors are suspended in an air vacume

You won't find a better sounding speaker cable!  

Each cable pair is tuned and comes with 50% burn in, instructions for remainder of burn in will be provided. 

* Performance data available on request