Zircon ™ Pure Silver RCA Cables by A.L.A.

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@ Allen Wright author of the famous 'The SuperCables Cookbook' suggests using 30 AWG (or smaller) wire for interconnects, his theories show this provides optimal results. Using his proven design principals, the finest materials, precision craftsmanship and many hours of R&D we have created the Zircon Pure Silver Audiophile RCA cable (Pair).

We have recently custom manufactured some seriously good 30 AWG six stranded ultra pure 99.998% Silver wire wrapped in PTFE TEFLON ® insulated jacket.

Two choices of RCA available on request: (rhodium plated for speed, or gold plated star plugs for warmth) Cardas solder is used with nitrogen assisted soldering process.

Upon integration music presence and sound-stage dramatically increase.

Your speakers disappear, replaced by a wonderful air of higher frequencies that sparkle.  

As the cables settle in mid's and bass smoother out, channel separation improvements are more apparent, particularly during complex dynamic passages.

  • Capacitance < 28 pF/m@ 25C
  • Resistance < 0.19 Ω/m

We recommend spacing each conductor approximately 1 inch by running strips of paper tape between the conductors to provide further sonic improvments. This can be done by us on request. 

* All cable pairs are tuned with data diagnostics report available on request.