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TOPPING P50 Low Noise Linear Power Supply

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TOPPING P50 Low Noise Linear Power Supply 5v - 15v 

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Suitable for devices that requires 5 v or 15v power

Compatible with global voltage
Sealed Toroidal Transformer
High power reserve
Instrument Level-Ultra Low Noise Linear Regulator

Spec Attribute
Measured: 11.0cm11.0cm×5.2cm
Weight: 0.88Kg
Power input: AC110V/AC220V 50HZ/60Hz*
Colour: Full black/Full silver
Power output:usb-ax2、dc(5.5/2.1)×1
Power supply noise<1mVrms

Output Power:

DC 5V 1A x2 ports 
DC 15V 1A x 1 port