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TOPPING D90SE + A90 + XLR Cable Combo

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TOPPING D90SE + A90 + XLR Cable Combo

  • Combo includes: 1 x Topping D90se High Performance DAC, 1 x Topping A90 High-Performance Headphone Amplifier, 1 x High-Performance Short XLR cable Pair 

Specifications of D90SE:

Specifications of A90:

Model: Fanmusic C006
Material: Black gold-plated NC3MXX-B and nc3fxx-b of NEUTRIK; Two-core braided HiFi line L-2T2S of CANARE;
Plug: Black gold-plated NC3MXX-B and nc3fxx-b of NEUTRIK
Wire length: 20cm(excluding plug)
Number of conductors: 2pcs;
Standard cable diameter: 6mm+0.15
Conductor cross-sectional area: 0.30mm/23AWG
Quantity of conductor copper wires: 60pcs
Diameter of conductor copper wire: 0.08mm
Torque: 20mm
Core DC Resistance: 6.40/100m
Shielded DC Resistance: 3.10/100m
Thermal shock: 120 CX for 1 hour, no crack;
Voltage Test: 1000 Vdc X 1 Minute,OK
Conductor impedance: <900/km
Conductor insulation layer: XLPE polyethylene
Shielding material: 80*0.1mm braided copper wire
Shell material: soft PVC/neoprene