Solid Core Aray, high-performance RCA cable

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A well constructed RCA cable with 7 solid core copper conductors each within ETFE tubes attached to gold plated locking RCA plugs in a Aray design. 

"We love testing cables"! ..

Stumbling upon this OEM cable that looked fantastic in quality; we naturally wanted to test and compare with higher end cables. We hooked them up to our diagnostic equipment and tested for resistance and capacitance and were shocked to find each pair was closely tuned?! we tested four separate pairs getting similar results with very even and low capacitance values of <74pF/m @ 25c and ultra low resistance values at < 0.12ohm/m. 

Very curious how the sounded, we then listened with Hi-Fi floor standers and desktop setups and.. wow they sounded great, presenting a sound stage with loads of air and presence, clean bass and fluid transients.

Naturally we bought a bunch of them.. and at this price you cant go wrong!