Amethyst ™ Series XLR Cables by A.L.A.

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Reference cables: Very refined throughout entire frequency spectrum.

3 X 20 AWG, 120 micron silver plated soft annealed OCC copper, stranded conductors have been nano treated and are wrapped in PTFE Teflon insulation.

Capacitance is < 23.3 pF/m @ 25c. Each pair is tested using Isotek LCR, and tuned, report available on request.

Cables come 50% burned in using our Cable Cooker by Audiodharma.

* Listening observations: increased presence, air, timbre precision, sound image and an extremely rich reproduction, incredible clarity and the soundstage appeares to extend beyond the room itself. 

Designed and manufactured in Australia by A.L.A. Audio. 


* We also have a solid core 26 AWG version that presents a somewhat brighter, very plesent sound signature.

Both versions are available for testing, please contact to discuss.