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Resolute™ Mains Power Cable by A.L.A

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Resolute is a redesign of the popular now discontinued model 'Source Kable' created to meet the needs of those looking to tighten up bass and focus through improvement in resonance control without colouring the sound, "although some have reported an ever slight warm sweetness in the mids most noticeable in live vocal recordings"

Use of solid dialectics is nearly non existent in the conventional sence with each of the three heavy guage solid core 99.999% pure copper (custom manufactured to our specific specifications) OFHC conductors strategically placed within sealed Helium air tubes; the tubes do not touch the copper conductors as they are secured in place with an advanced closed cell PE polymer injected into key sections and the remainder of the conductor surrounded by Helium each tube is securely air tight preventing  oxidation of the copper with a dielectric constant of approximately  1.2 

* Fitted with choice of AU or US Bocchino Mains plug and Furutech FI-50 (R) NCF IEC.

One size only a 2.0m tuned length. 

... As for the sound, I won't ramble on about what this cable sounds like in our systems, power cables are highly system dependant as you know!

Find out for yourself if Resolute is suitable in your system, contact me, 'Aaron' today to enquire about a 30 day no obligation home audition.

* Custom Built from ground up to order in Melbourne Australia this cable may take approximately 5 - 7 days to assemble & test.