Pure Silver Audiophile Power Cable by A.L.A Audio

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"An exceptional performer, achieving consistently amazing results placed between wall socket to regenerator/conditioner, feeding entire system"

Our extensive testing across a wide range of environmental and system configurations all achieved an  astonishing accuracy in tone and length of decay, regardless of other power cables in the chain.

"Piano notes and strings linger in air, the space present even during silence"

Made in Australia and constructed by hand from ground up using 5 x polished solid core 14 AWG 99.99% pure silver conductors for both alternating current lines and 2 X copper conductors for earth, each are  insulated in oversized transparent PTFE Teflon jackets. 

By injecting Foamed PE into specific  sections of each conductor and arranging in a litz formation we address four critical areas of performance degradation:

1. Reduction of effects from mechanical resonance and other vibration

2. Maintain accuracy of conductor  geometry 

3. Strength and flexibility of cable

4. Formation of large magnetic fields affecting nearby equipment

A lightweight conductive aircraft grade carbon shield is used to protect from RFI, finished in purple techflex. 

Terminated with furutech fi-11 gold plated plugs. The fi-50m ncf plugs in the image are an optional upgrade. 

US or AU fittings available, please add to notes at checkout.