Digital Aray, (SMPS) Audiophile Power Cable

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High-performance Audiophile Power Cable Cord with Silver-plated solid core OFC Conductors.

In testing we observed improvements in transient response and dynamic resolution (the best of all cables tested when used with digital source components and DACs with SMPS (Switch mode power supply's)

* Recommended to use cable directly into wall outlet 

This high performance quality cable consists of 7 solid core's of silver-plated 16AWG OFC conductors arranged in tuned Aray design. The separate solid core conductors are designed to eliminate strand interaction, hot spots, and carbonization, which can occur in stranded cables as well as reducing capacitance. Extruded PTFE insulation is used due to its dialectics and high thermal efficiency..

Terminated with gold plated (Furutech) fittings. 

Made In Australia, built to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3112:2000 and AS/NZS 3112:2004.

Backed with a 1 year local warranty.