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Moondrop S8 New Generation 8BA In Ear Monitor Earphone

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Moondrop S8 New Generation 8BA In Ear Monitor Earphone with 0.78-2Pin Universal Connector

Frequency response:20-40khz    
Effective FR:20-20khz 
Channel mismatch:±1db
Drivers:dual high, quad mid, dual low.
Socket:0.78 2pin flat(legacy westone)
Housing: medical UV acrylic
Cable: Litz 6N OFC 1/8″jack

1.Redesigned 8 driver triple crossover architecture
2.Selected high/low frequency drivers
3.Proprietary customized midrange driver for “MOONDROP” style midrange tuning
4.6N OCC internal wiring.
5.Unblemished craftsmanship
6.Efficient and accurate crossover design
7.0.78-2Pin universal connector
8.One typical “inconformity” for multi driver IEM is usually caused by phase inconsistency between drivers caused by underdeveloped crossover circuits, this inconsistency makes the soundstage and tone of different drivers unable to be in accord.