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MOONDROP NEKOCAKE IEM True Wireless Bluetooth with Touch Operation

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MOONDROP NEKOCAKE IEM True Wireless Earphone Bluetooth 5.0 Touch Operation 

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Latest from Moondrop, offering superior sound quality with a specially optimized 13mm composite large dynamic driver with lightweight titanium dome

The performance of the transducer driver is an essential element in the superior sound quality of MOONDROP products. The NEKOCAKE’s large 13mm lightweight titanium-dome composite dynamic driver has been optimized for sound quality, resulting in improved tone, timbre and bass response.

This 13mm dynamic driver consists of a composite ultra-thin flexible suspension diaphragm with a titanium-plated dome, thus offering more treble detail than ordinary large dynamic drivers. As always, we have adopted the Daikaku ultra-thin CCAW voice coil imported from Japan to ensure the lowest possible suspension system mass, so that the earphones can offer a more rapid transient response and further enhance detailed performance. The magnetic circuit system has been improved with a larger magnetic circuit structure and a N52 neodymium magnet, resulting in better dynamic performance.

ANC Digital Active Noise Cancellation
NEKOCAKE features ANC digital active noise cancellation, which picks up ambient environmental noise through a feedforward microphone, processes it by digital compensation and inversion, and transmits the resulting signal to the dynamic driver, thus cancelling environmental noise.