MOGAMI NEGLEX 2803 Factory Terminated Hi-Fi RCA Cables

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Mogami 2803 Hi-Fi Interconnection Cable

MOGAMI 2803 is a cable that has been highly evaluated overseas as a cable with the world's highest resolution and rich information content.

As a result of pursuing maximum disassembly capability and reducing the effect of the cable, the system may be rough or unbalanced in some cases, but when you want a fresh copy or when you don't cheat It works very well when you want (video).

Since the 2803 is a cable whose deterioration due to pin plugs can be clearly seen, we recommend this assembly with a molded plug that Mogami Electric Cable recommends considering the sound quality, rather than purchasing the pin plug and cable separately.

-Type: Double cylindrical coaxial
-Number of cores: 1
-Characteristic impedance: 50 Ohm
-Cable outer diameter: φ 3.6 mm
-Jacket color: Black
-Use: Analog voice
-Number of pieces: 1 pair (2)