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Source-Kable ™ (NR) Power Cable

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Audiophile Australian C7 IEC AC Power Cord specifically designed for digital audio and visual equipment and OLED TV's 

  • In testing we compared to a standard cable and several similarly priced aftermarket cables: observing results with source components such as: DAC, CD player and a Blue-sound node 2i resulted in improvements in in sound-stage, more silence between passages, better imagining, precise accuracy and timing; particularly during dynamic passages. 
  • When tested with several OLED TV we observed reductions in image grain, brighter colors and faster image transition; when used in combination with our power EMI filter board yielded further improvements


    3 x 1.5mm High-purity stranded copper conductors in PE jacket with inner PVC jacket to space conductors away from tinned copper mesh shield before being covered with a transparent CL3 Rated PVC Anti-Electrostatic Outer Jacket


    • Oxide 2 pin C7-IEC (Suit Playstation, TV, CD and Blue-ray players, Blue-sound Node and Node 2i) and Clipsal Australia/NZ suitable 3 PIN
    • Gold plated contacts 
    • Superior Contact Grip
    • Insulted Pins as per Australian Standards: Rohs, CE, AS/NZS3820
    Made In Australia and built to comply with Australian Standards