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i2s - custom pure-silver digital balanced LVS HDMI cable

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i2s - custom pure-silver digital balanced LVS HDMI cable 

Custom made to order to suit your specific pin configuration's. 1-2 weeks lead time. Please contact to determine and discuss correct pin sequence configuration. 
Assembled by Dongguan Qinhuai Sound Technology & meets performance criteria and correct impedance specifications (110 ohm) 
they have offered the following description:
" WARNING: There is some sellers are selling 5N 99.999% pure sliver cables in aliexpress, it is fake, not 5N 99.999% purity.

Regarding 4N pure silver and 6N-8N single crystal copper, which one do you believe?
Now there is 99.99% pure silver on the market, it is real. but there is really no 99.9999% single crystal copper in the industry. Please stop believing the lies told by sellers regarding of single crystal copper. Pure copper with a purity of 99.9999% may exist in laboratories. The industry simply cannot produce pure copper with such a high purity in large quantities at all. Therefore, the so-called single crystal copper (6N~11N) we have seen on the market are all ordinary pure copper. , The purity is 99.9%, and the price is about $10/Kg.
The purity of industrial single crystal copper is about 99.9%, about 65 USD/kg, but 99.99% pure silver is 1030 USD/kg. In terms of digital signal transmission, 99.99% pure silver is better than 99.9% pure copper.
Our 99.99% pure silver wire has an authoritative test report. Please don't believe in single crystal copper in the future.

In order to obtain better sound quality, HDMI IIS/I2S is one of the best ways to transmit data, but we think this is not enough, so we specially made some 99.99% pure silver cables to improve the data transmission performance, different brands of audio digital playback The line/line/line sequence between the DAC and the DAC is different, we can make and test it, so we recommend it to you!
This IIS/i2S cable cannot be used for video, it ≠ the HDMI cable used for AV. We can also make a 99.99% silver cable HDMI 2.1 8K video cable, you can choose it here. The core material of HDMI is 99.99% pure silver wire. "