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Hyper ™ Series Audiophile USB 2.0 cable

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High performance Hyper ™ Series USB 2.0 Audio cable 

A USB 2.0 that is constructed from 2 x shielded pair 22 AWG solid core 80 micron silver plated linear crystal copper conductors.

Power and signal wires are individually shielded and isolated from one another thus reducing potential for unwanted DC and switching noise corrupting analog signal path of your DAC. 

The conductors are suspended in cotton optimised to increase flexibility and mechanical damping.  Add a dual layer silver foil jacket and tinned copper braided shield to reduce EMI/RFI, reducing internal micro-phonics and high-frequency impedance resonance, improving on dynamics, coherence and balance in a reviling system.

Type: USB Audio 2.0 digital interconnect cable

Termination: USB A-B with precision-made connectors

Made in Australia.