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GUSTARD X18 MQA ES9038PRO High-Performance NOS/OS DAC

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GUSTARD X18 DAC MQA ES9038 PRO Bluetooth 5.0 XU216 Processor LDAC HD PCM768kHz DSD512 High-Performance Audio Decoder

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Latest from Gustard and in the top 3 DACs ever measured at audiosciencereview!

- OLED screen has adjustable brightness, 10s automatic sleep, and any operation or display change will alarm the screen.
- Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-0.08dB
- Line Out: Single-end (RCA) 2 5Vrms @0dBFS, Balanced (XLR) 5.0Vrms @0dBFS
- XLR pinout: 1-Ground 2-Hot 3 Cold
- AC input: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz 
- Size: 220mm (Width)*50mm (Height)*170mm (Length) (protrusion not include)
- Packing size: 285mm (Width)*85mm (Height)* 265mm (Length)
- Weight: 2. 5Kg (with the package)
- Accessories: Power cable *1 / USB cable *1 / Remote *1