Ethereal ™ Pure-Silver XLR Balanced Interconnect Cables

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The Ethereal ™ Pure Silver XLR Balanced Interconnect Cable Pair by A.L.A Audio are crafted by hand in Australia and made from the ground up using pure silver conductors specifically created for optimal audio reproduction through a slow draw soft annealing process. 

Silver cables have a reputation for being bright fatiguing and thin, this is a result of low grade silver. 

By using genuine high purity silver with optimal conductor geometry no sacrifice in bass, harshness, glare or fatiguing artifacts associated with lower purity silver is present. They are incredibly resolving, with remarkable tonal accuracy and will provide the most dimensional and immersive soundstage possible.


  • Highly regarded ETI Kryo XLR fittings 
  • 6 X 24 AWG 99.99% (Ag) round solid core conductors 
  • PTFE (Teflon™) Insulation, audio grade unbleached cotton and air dielectric, maintaining exact geometry of conductors, and preventing vibration resonance
  • A litz arrangement with airspace grade Conductive Carbon shielding is used to reduce interference without affecting capacitance
  • Furutech Nano-Liquid is used to protect wire terminations from corrosion and oxidation while also improving the sound
  • Capacitance value of 21 pF / meter  

* Cable Burn in service is available, please contact to arrange.