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FA-s22 Alpha PC-OCC Balanced XLR Interconnect Cable (Tuned Pair)

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Warm, detailed with sweet and lush mid bass, solid low end from quality OCC copper.  higher frequency detail is clear and defined and does not roll off early. 

These are miles ahead of the competition within this price bracket.

Assembled in Australia by A.L.A. Audio.

  • Conductors: Furutech Alpha Cryo treated 7N OCC Copper FA-S22 
  • XLR Plugs: A.L.A Audio XLR connectors with pure 4N Copper pins for both male and female 24k gold plated
  • Mundorf MSolder SUPREME Silver Gold is used with nitrogen assisted solder process
  • All solder points are Furutech Nano Liquid contact enhancement treated (Gold and Silver) to prevent oxidation and improve sound quality