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Kingsway ™ Pure-Silver Triple Helix Power Cable

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Kingsway ™ Pure-Silver Power Cable by A.L.A. Audio

"Tonally accurate with color free presentation, exhibiting exceptional dynamic resolution and greater music depth, clarity, space and air with longer decays into deeper silences".

Best suited for use with source component's, pre-amplifiers and small to midsize amplifiers

Made in Australia, constructed by hand from ground up using 5N Single-Crystal Pure Silver solid-core round conductors

The advanced triple helix conductor arrangement addresses five critical areas of performance degradation: 

1. Reduce mechanical resonance and maintain consistent electrical  properties

2. Minimal phase shift through accuracy of conductor geometry 

3. Strength and flexibility of cable

4. Reduce formation of EMI fields affecting nearby equipment through low inductance conductor arrangement 

5. Achieve accuracy in tonal character through minimal conductor contact with dielectric material

Constructed using premium materials such lab-grade PTFE an excellent dialectic material, aerospace grade conductive carbon shielding and maximising air as a dialectic

Please call to discuss our loan program, trial this cable for 30 days to determine suitability in your system

Optional Plugs:

1. FURUTECH FI-28(r) rhodium or (g) gold C15 IEC and Australian approved mains connector

2. FURUTECH FI-50(r) C15 IEC and Australian approved mains connector