24th..Bit ™ Pure-Silver Source Equipment Power Cable

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24th..Bit ™ Pure-Silver Source Equipment Power Cable by A.L.A. Audio

"Clean, clear, super dynamic and lively sound. Like a bottleneck has been removed from your system. Astonishing accuracy in tone and length of decay, regardless of other power cables in the chain"

Made in Australia and constructed from ground up using 2 x 1.5mm 99.99% pure-silver solid core conductors for hot and return, and 1 x 1.5mm UP-OCC copper conductor to earth silver conductors are soft annealed, slow draw and highly polished for maximum conductivity. 

Each conductor is individually placed within oversized PTFE Teflon tubes with precision accuracy by injecting Foamed PE into specific sections, the conductors are then arranging in a litz formation:

The construction methods used are designed to address five critical areas of performance degradation:

1. Reduction of effects from mechanical resonance and other vibration

2. Maintain accuracy of conductor  geometry

3. Achieving electrical properties that meet engineering tolerances

4. Strength and flexibility of cable

5. Formation of large magnetic fields affecting nearby equipment

 Each point of contact has been treated with High Performance Furutech NANO Liquid Contact Enhancer to increase electric conduction area and debase impedance (Ω) and prevent oxidisation. 

Terminated with Furutech FI-11(G) IEC AC power connector and FURUTECH FI-11AU-G AUSTRALIAN AC POWER CONNECTOR

Built to comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3112:2000 and AS/NZS 3112:2004.

Please contact for other lengths or configuration not listed


* We provide a Assay report verifying that the Silver used in this power cable is of USA origin and is certified 99.99% pure. Our silver undergoes a first stage analysis and a second stage XRF analysis for the purity of the product. There are many companies who will claim their silver is 6 nines or 7 nines, this is absolute nonsense and if in doubt ask them for a recent copy of their Assay report with their company details and date. 

We use the highest purity silver at 5 nines = 99.998% silver in several of our interconnects, this is manufactured in Taiwan, the only country that has the manufacturing capabilities to produce OCC silver and copper. This purity level is very hard to reach thus making the silver very expensive. 

The sound quality difference is major when comparing silver that is 3 nines 99.9% with silver that is 4 nines 99.99%. At 4 nines harshness and brightness completely disappears, in fact we have found very little improvement in 5 nines purity vs 4 nines.