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Carbon ™ N/R Technology 2.0 USB cable

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Carbon ™ Noise Rejection Technology 2.0 USB cable  

A USB 2.0 that is constructed from two twisted pairs of high purity copper litz conductors, power and signal lines are seperated from each other and individually shielded. 

This design concept allows for the ultra high frequency's required during demanding applications such as DSD on the fly while maintaining correct character impedance, reducing noise and minimizing cross-talk.

Advanced Carbon Shield Technology eliminates interference and absorbs internal reflections within the cable before they can transfer to the DAC, a leading cause of Jitter in more sensitive D/A converters, signal's have freedom to oculate unlike many USB cables that can restrict current movement, dampening higher frequency's and resulting in signal degrading due to poorly designed shielding, often the power and signal lines within the cable are running unshielded parallel to one another.

Type: USB Audio 2.0 digital interconnect cable

90ohm impedance 

Cover: nylon protective sleeve

Outer diameter: 7 mm

Termination: USB A-B with precision-made connectors

Made in Australia